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    Hi, I'm Ed! And I'm a San Francisco Bay Area Headshot and Portrait Photographer (and I also do weddings!). Here are some SF Bay Area headshots I've done with a variety of people in the Bay Area including CEOs, CTOs, entrepreneurs, founders, managers, celebrity, and other professionals. I would describe my headshot style as contemporary that fits today's working Silicon Valley professional. And it's modern enough to use for your personal dating (ie. Tinder) profile picture. My headshots will show your professionalism and approchability in your best light, and your best you when you decide to use it for personal use.


    I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Scroll below to see more!

  • SF Bay Area Actor Headshot

    Zephanie Idoko

    SF Bay Area Actor Headshot


    Aaron Woo

    CEO, Essential Solutions


    Connie Yang

    Daedalus Structural Engineering


    Jerry Corcoran

    Finance and Operations VP, Essential Solutions


    Spencer Tashima

    Executive VP, Essential Solutions


    Doug Robertson

    Daedalus Structural Engineering Headshot


    Lainey Elizabeth White

    Concert Violinist and Instructor in LA Headshot


    Marc Mackey

    Bay Area Silicon Valley IT Leader Headshot


    Greg Brinton

    CEO, MotionQR

    Melissa Conforti

    Life Coach

    Temnee Wright

    SF Bay Area Real Estate Agent

    Michelle Barragan

    High Tech Executive

    Homero Lopez

    Actor in the Winchester (2018) movie with Helen Mirren

    Jason Ho

    Founder of Clockspot.com

    Los Altos Headshot Photographer Ed Carlo Garcia

    Melissa Cruz

    SF Bay Area Technology Project Manager Headshot

    Los Altos Headshot Photographer Ed Carlo Garcia

    Victoria Bi-Normington

  • san-bruno-bay-area-headshot-photographer-edcarlogarcia

    Cheryl Yeoh

    • CEO of MaGIC
    • Founder of ReClip.it
    • Mashable's top 44 female entrepreneurs
    • Time Magazine's 2017 Person of the Year

  • mountain-view-bay-area-headshot-photographer-edcarlogarcia

    Ernest semerda

    • Co-Founder of Medlert
    • CTO of CouponStar
    • Co-Founder of Veryfi

  • berkeley-bay-area-headshot-photographer-edcarlogarcia

    Elle Lanthrop

    • Director of OneLogin
    • Project Management

  • sunnyvale-bay-area-headshot-photographer-edcarlogarcia

    Katelyn Hilario

    • Actor (IMDB) 
    • In a 2014 movie with Steve Carrell and Jennifer Garner

  • fremont-bay-area-headshot-photographer-edcarlogarcia

    Heather weeks

    Student Headshot

  • Isabel

    Teen Headshot


    Family and Maternity Portraits

    sf bay area los gatos maternity family photos edcarlogarcia
    sf bay area los gatos maternity family photos edcarlogarcia
    sf bay area los gatos maternity family photos edcarlogarcia
    sf bay area los gatos maternity family photos edcarlogarcia
    sf bay area los gatos maternity family photos edcarlogarcia
    sf bay area los gatos maternity family photos edcarlogarcia
    sf bay area los gatos maternity family photos edcarlogarcia
    sf bay area los gatos maternity family photos edcarlogarcia
    sf bay area los gatos maternity family photos edcarlogarcia
    sf bay area los gatos maternity family photos edcarlogarcia
    sf bay area los gatos maternity family photos edcarlogarcia
  • Hot Off The Press

    My work has been seen in publications such as Bridal Guide Magazine, Project Wedding, CBS Los Angeles, Orange County's Coast Magazine, Bay Fashion Magazine, Ikon Magazine, Content Magazine, Mountain View Patch, Silicon Valley Business Journal and have some upcoming publications with The Knot and Astound Magazine websites and magazines.

    Bridal Guide Magazine

    OC Coast Magazine

    Project Wedding

    CBS Los Angeles

    Pump Fashion Magazine

    Ikon Magazine

    Bay Fashion Magazine

    Astound Fashion Magazine

    Content Magazine

  • Testimonials

    These are what people have said they love about their photos!

    Stated simply, Ed is an individual with remarkable skills.

    I had originally sought out a photographer to take professional photos as I'd accepted a CEO role earlier in the year and felt that it was time to improve my online image (starting with LinkedIn). I found Ed via a web search and felt Ed was the right man for the job after reviewing his portfolio.

    What I had no idea of however was what a wonderful individual he is and what an uplifting energy he has about him. With his positive demeanor and approach, Ed is able to gain an individual's trust (namely mine) and allow that individual to open up for some amazing photographic results. I am an extremely un-photogenic individual - just ask my wife and take a look through our myriad of family photos. The results from this single photo shoot with Ed are stunning.

    On this process as a whole - Ed was a fantastic. He was able to guide me through clothing choices, backgrounds, lighting types, and poses all based on my desired result: a professional but inviting image. Ed was able to well-articulate the rationale behind each choice leading one to (mistakenly) believe his choices and guidance were all "obvious". Furthermore, Ed's own effervescent personality set the stage for a very easy rapport and as importantly, a very positive and fun environment directly reflected in the resulting photographs.

    Ed's skills do not end at camera-point. After reviewing the photos it became evident that my 5 o'clock shadow was quite pronounced in the photos. Ed was quick to explain his ability to digitally soften this element of the images and turned-around a rough mock-up fast enough to quell my concerns and ultimately, provide final imagery with which I was extremely pleased.

    Without question, I have never in my life seen a better collection of photos of myself. It is Ed that deserves full credit for this. Ed made what for me was a very daunting task into something not only successful, but truly enjoyable. His light-hearted approach is well-reflected in the photograph captured.

    I would be more than happy to speak in detail to anyone who might have any questions at all regarding Ed, his process or his results. Please feel free to contact me directly greg.brinton@gmail.com

    Hi Ed, 
    THANK YOU!!!!!!

    Thank you from the bottom of our heart for the wedding album. It arrived yesterday and it was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. The finished product was so polished and professional looking. Thank you so much!! It’s a wonderful memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. And thank you deeply for the fancy album cover; it looks so awesome doesn’t it?? The CD cover looks so professional too. I am happy to provide a recommendation whenever you need it. We have been thoroughly happy with your professionalism. It was really great having you capture our special day.

    It also means a lot that we were able to help you reconnect with your family. The Philippines is such an amazingly beautiful country, you should go back again someday. If you do let me know, as mum has a house there, my parents travel there quite regularly. I’m going back in November as well, so it would be easy enough to meet up again.

    I do sincerely hope we meet again – whether it is in the US or the Philippines.

    Thanks again, and all the best for everything you do in the future. You’ve made me very happy. I love the album.

    Love and best wishes!

    Elizabeth xxx

    Wow! Our Hawaii destination wedding photo is Ed Carlo's profile picture. What a compliment! This review is looooong overdue. My wedding was in 2013 and it has taken me only now to write a much deserved, well-thought out review.

    Carlo is hands down 100% committed to taking the best photos. As a testament to his commitment, during our shoot, he and his assistant, Desiree, both got into the ocean with us to capture the crashing waves and gorgeous Hawaiian scenery behind us. Not only that, he had his iPhone in his pocket while we were in the water and sadly, his phone broke but that didn't stop him from getting the perfect shot. By no means my husband and I are models, but going through our wedding photos, it certainly looked like our pictures could be on the cover of a magazine.

    I first heard about Ed Carlo through my sister, who is friends with him. After introductions via email, we had set up a time to meet in person so I could see samples of his work. I was already blown away by his work and we booked him immediately. Following that were an exchange of emails back and forth so he could get details about my wedding in Hawaii. He recommended a few colors and style of clothing to wear for our engagement and wedding photos (both in Hawaii). I really appreciated that he did that since we had no clue what we should have worn. I texted or emailed him photos of a few dresses I was planning to wear and he helped me pick the best dress that would capture perfectly on camera.

    Once we were in Hawaii, he and his assistant came to our hotel room promptly and took a look at our outfits for our engagement photos. My husband selected a royal blue collared shirt but Carlo recommended a lighter color - so we ALL went to Macy's and we got a shirt that we all liked. I have to admit, it was a great choice - we ended up getting white. Shortly after, we started to take our pictures and it felt as if we wandered around all of Waikiki. The pictures turned out amazing.

    The day of our wedding, Desiree and Carlo were punctual as usual. As most brides are, the bridal party and I were running behind. They were very accommodating. Desiree went off to shoot the groomsmen while Carlo went off taking pictures of my wedding dress, shoes, and candid shots of my bridal party getting ready. When the wedding ceremony began, they both didn't miss a beat. Capturing moments of nervousness, joy, love, excitement, and the celebration of family of friends.

    The photo book was elegant, beautiful, yet captured the island vibe we were looking for. Also, the downloadable images it a breeze to share via social media so the rest of our family and friends could virtually enjoy our wedding too.

    Ed Carlo is worth every penny and truly an investment. And his service doesn't end there. It's 2015, nearly 2 years since the wedding and I contacted him because for some reason I was unable to access the photos I downloaded onto my computer. Might be because my MAC is older. Carlo resent me the link to download my photos and I am downloading them now. I am thrilled he still had our photos on file, otherwise the rest of the memories that were not included would have been lost forever.

    Kim and Ronnel

  • Pricing


    Headshots are $350 for a 15-30 minute session and it comes with 3 versions of 1 retouched image (print ready, web, and LinkedIn). There will be 25+ images to choose from and additional retouched images are $75. And here are the group rates.

    Headshots are a matter of style and if you are looking for $99 headshot session, this SF Bay Area headshot photographer has 5 stars on Yelp you can contact. click here.


    (Photo left: Cheryl Yeoh, CEO of MaGIC, Founder of ReClip.it,
    Mashable's top 44 female entrepreneurs, Time Magazine's 2017 Person of the Year)



    Family portrait pricing starts at $400. For full list of packages, see the portrait pricing guide for additional info and packages.

    For High School Senior Portraits and teen portraits in the SF Bay Area, you can read more in the FAQ.



    Looking for weddings? See the wedding photos and prices here: www.edcarlogarcia.com/weddings


    Other "fun" notes

    • Tax applicable for the package and/or individual items if ordering physical items. Tax not applicable if digital only items are ordered.
    • Travel fees may apply within the Bay Area if outside the service area. Please inquire for a travel fee quote. 
    • Prices are subject to change unless the client books in advance.
    • Booking requires a retainer to save the date and time for photography. 
    • Limits apply to how far in advance a photo session can be booked.




  • About Me

    Hello! You can call me Ed. OR Carlo (explained below). I believe there's a great picture in all of us. And I'll make that happen for you! :) I got into photography when I was about to get married and had to hunt for a photographer. The photographer we chose inspired me to create work in the lines of people instead of landscape. Since then, many photographers have inspired me -- I take what I learn from them and apply it to my pictures. My style is natural, clean, and crisp beautiful looking portraits with a hint of fashion -- you can think of it as an eclectic mix of the what's best in the best styles of photojournalism, detail, and classic and lifestyle portraiture. For weddings, I love capturing all the moments that the couple experiences which remind me of my very own wedding. In portraits, I love to capture the essence of person.

    P.S. Most people know me as Ed and my family knows me as Carlo mainly to distinguish between me and my dad whose name is also Ed. I'll respond to either name :) 

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